What’s Next?

Recently I was reading John Piper. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a pastor out of Minnesota. (Check out his website: The chapter I found myself…

Christmas Songs!

The time has come to share my new Christmas singles! Merry Christmas! May this be my gift to you this season as we celebrate the life of our beloved Messiah,…

Beautiful Child

Verse 1 There was no cradle for his head There was no room but instead A star filled the sky to celebrate And angels on high sang glory they sang…

Far and Wide

Verse 1 Saddle up the donkey we’re going to town The baby it is coming but that can’t stop us now The king he wants a count Of all people…

A Purple Legacy

One year ago today was a Sunday. I went to church, then over to a friend’s house to watch a movie, and three-quarters in got a text that sent me…

God, You, & This Thing We Call ‘Life’

We come to a place on life’s journey where the road is split. Both paths equally are hidden by large, mysterious doors. Behind each is an unknown path. Behind each…

I’ll Be Seeing You lyrics

In December, 2012, I said good-bye to my grandmother, Betty Beck, for the last time. She spent much of her adult life sharing this saying, “If you meet me and…


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HannahBeckMusicHannah Beck
RT @bobgoff: Fear and failure make things that are temporary look like they're permanent; grace and hope keep resetting the clock to zero.
2 weeks ago
jenbeck44Jennifer Keat-Beck
RT @HannahBeckMusic: Have you heard ‘Someday Soon’ by Hannah Beck Music on #SoundCloud?
2 weeks ago
BlkeatMatthiasBethany Matthias
@HannahBeckMusic Hannah, what a wonderful song. Thank you
2 weeks ago