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“I know pain and I have fears…”

“…You’ll see my scars and see my tears, you’ll try to use them..”

When I think of Written On You – the album, songs, inspiration – I think of being honest. Honest that life can be tough, sin can hold on really hard, and even when you’re saved, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. But we’ve gotten so good at hiding that. Scratch that – I’ve gotten so good at hiding that and I think it’s time to stop avoiding it and step up to the plate.

I will look after them and bring them back to the land of Judah. I will not tear them down, but I will build them up. I will not pull them up, but I will plant them so they can grow. Jeremiah 24:6

Hannah’s professional singing career began at age 15, when her pastor, recognizing her unique lyrical gift, asked her to sing one original song every Sunday in church. Within months, that same pastor recorded Hannah’s first “live” CD.

At 16, she worked with Rusty Yanock, of RTY Productions, to record the EP, “Pitchers”, and the day it was released, opened for national singers Jonny Diaz and Dara McLean.

The songwriting continued and so did the singing. The CD “Lost in You” was released at age 17, the same year Hannah performed at the Lifelight Festival in Bethany, Missouri, as well as a growing list of churches and local events.

That June, 2013 release, “Lost In You” is evidence that the message of hope has always remained a focal point of Hannah’s music. “I want to get lost in You, so that anyone who finds me, first finds You” Hannah sings on the title track. Hannah uses the song to encourage listeners to find ways to get so lost in God, that anyone who meets them can’t help but see Christ shining through.

“Out of the Way” reminds listeners that setbacks and trials are not designed to cause defeat, but rather a signal to hold on and tell our enemy to get out of the way, because Christ has a better plan.

Now 19 years old, Hannah travels the country spreading that message of Hope. Chains can be broken. Relationships can be healed. God can make a way when there seems to be no way. Her newest songs specifically speak into the daily struggles of life: “Battles”, “How to Love Her”, “Show Me Why” songs written to connect with the real struggles of life and promise the never ending message of hope that does not fail.

Join Hannah at a concert, church event, or intimate coffee shop gathering and you’re likely to walk away feeling you have a new set of friends. You’ll meet Hannah, her sister who provides backup vocals, and her fiance’ who serves as manager, technical director and co-writer.

But if you walk away having not met them, Hannah hopes that you walk away knowing that there is hope in Jesus and there is a plan for your life.

Behind The Music

Why The Title "Written On You?"

Is "Done With You" A Christian Song?

Why the theme Loved & Redeemed?


Restored Treasures

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Blessed Womanhood


Blessed Womanhood is Hannah’s daily radio short designed to encourage women in their pursuit of Biblical Womanhood. Each episode explores a different aspect of embracing our Christianity, femininity and calling.


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