Written On You

“When I think of Written On You – the album, songs, inspiration – I think of being honest. Honest that life can be tough, sin can hold on really hard, and even when you’re saved, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. “


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Habakkuk 3:19 The Sovereign LORD is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.
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“There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing what God has taught me with others. It is an honor and 12471813_931414910245735_3090489009811340142_oprivilege to build someone up, challenge him/her to greater depths of faith, and remind him/her that God loves them. That’s why I love to speak. I love to inspire and encourage my listeners all the while helping them build a solid foundation on Jesus Christ.” – Hannah Beck

Some topics Hannah has previously spoken on:

Looking for something different? Hannah would love to tailor a speaking session specifically to your event. Just send us an email with the details!


What’s Your Purpose?

In this session, Hannah shares some valuable tools to help us identify and maintain our purpose. Providing a rich Scriptural foundation for Christ’s call on our lives, she carefully equips listeners to confidently take the next step.


So They Will Know I Am Lord

Inspired from the book of Nehemiah, Hannah lays out four important things we must remember and aspire to when glorifying God. This exciting session also includes some troubleshooting when we don’t feel like praising.


Don’t Give Up On Life

In this powerful session, Hannah shares hope and encouragement to those who are discouraged. Drawing from the lives of a variety of Biblical and missionary role-models, you can’t help but leave with an extra dose of strength.

“I write because I love to explore and my own walk has grown stronger through the exploration of God’s Word. I want everyone to experience that same joy and excitement! Devotions are one of my favorite topics to write about, but even more, I enjoy providing tools for practically application of God’s word. My goal is to see lives changes through the content I create.”- Hannah Beck

Some of Hannah’s devotional work:

Thanksgiving Devotional“The disciples had entered this new season of life unaware of what they had truly gotten themselves into. To be hand-selected by Jesus was the greatest call possible for mankind and this motley crew of rejects was exactly who the Messiah had wanted to use to achieve his goal.” – Excerpt from The Seasons released Thanksgiving 2015. Click here to read and download the devotion.


young-wives.com Hannah is actively writing at young-wives.com. Head over there to read her latest posts.

With the impending arrival of her son, Hannah is no longer accepting bookings to sing.

DSC_0866“I know pain and I have fears, you’ll see my scars and see my tears, you’ll try to use them..” When I think of Written On You – the album, songs, inspiration – I think of being honest. Honest that life can be tough, sin can hold on really hard, and even when you’re saved, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. But we’ve gotten so good at hiding that. Scratch that – I’ve gotten so good at hiding that and I think it’s time to stop avoiding it and step up to the plate.

I will look after them and bring them back to the land of Judah. I will not tear them down, but I will build them up. I will not pull them up, but I will plant them so they can grow. Jeremiah 24:6

At only 20, Hannah has 3 CDs and 5 years of worship leading under her belt. She travels the country spreading that message of Hope. Chains can be broken. Relationships can be healed. God can make a way when there seems to be no way. Click here to read her bio.


Singing:I remember writing singer Rebecca St. James when I was about 8 years old asking her what it takes to be a singer. She sent me back a handwritten letter full of encouragement and small gift. I will always remember the impact that had on my life. I am a singer, but more importantly, I want to see lives changed one note at a time.
Songwriting:The first song anyone remembers me writing was more than 16 years ago and it included the phrase, “Mailboxes don’t wear clothes.” Even today, I like to write about things that impact me – whether that is releasing a struggle in worship or elaborate on life. I song-write to be honest and open that life isn’t always easy, but God is still faithful.
Worship:I was invited onto my first worship team at the age of 12. My youth leader/worship leader made it a point to instill in me the importance of creating an atmosphere that is easy to worship in, easy to follow along in, and easy to get lost in. I desire to cultivate such an atmosphere not only when I step up to the keyboard in front of a group, but every day in my own life.

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