Behind the Music-Pitchers

They are poor. Some are barefoot, others have clothes with holes in them. English, for many, is a second language, if that. Entire families are crammed into homes that are no bigger than your bedroom. Some go to school, others were not given that privilege. They are buried above ground because they are superstitious. There are churches everyday. Down little dirt roads, up along the highway. Some have walls, others are open with only a thatched roof. People have little, but give a lot. Many have only a bike or their two feet to walk, but they are happy.

I spent one week in this place. Living on a YWAM base across a long bridge away from little Roaring Creek, Belize. I fell in love with the local cuisine, the local people, and the friendliness I saw. The heat was wonderful and it was an incredible experience to drink in the culture.

There on a mission trip, my team spent time doing many things. The men built a fence for one missionary while the ladies helped in the preschool. We were able to experience the market and go into Las Flores, an El Salvadorian refugee village where we met with a group of girls and visited people. I had my first experience with people who I couldn’t understand and had my first small conversation in broken Spanish/English with a woman and her son.

Flying back into the states, I was impressed with the visual reminders of a Spiritual faith in that country. I was impressed with the fact that there was only one or so public schools in Cayo and the rest were of religious affiliations. I was amazed by the depth of faith and passion I saw in the YWAM staff, most from Belize, but some from the US, Africa, and other places. I was in awe of the humble living these people had and how generous they were in comparison the the greed in America.

My pondering led to penning down onto paper the impression that we need to be ready for a Spiritual awakening. We need to be prepared for a flood of living water. We need to beg for it, prepare for it, and watch for it.

Out of that trip came Pitchers, title song of my EP. The rain is coming. We must be ready.

Click here to watch Pitchers

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Here are the lyrics to the song:

Verse 1 The rain is coming The rain is gonna Fall on me The ground is dry The ground is thirsty The rain’s gonna fall on the weak

Chorus So get out your pitchers Get out your bowls and your cups The rain it is coming And it’s gonna fall on us

Verse 2 A flood is coming A flood is coming A flood will wash over this land The rain is powerful The rain is wonderful The rain restores our hope

Bridge So get ready for the downpour Expect more than you can comprehend Be ready for healing As this flood rushes over our land Prepare yourself for cleansing With crimson we are snow The rain it will be pouring It won’t stop It will flow

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