5 Books Every Christian Should Read

5 Books Every Christian Should Read

In the last few years, I’ve been through several books covering a variety of topics as part of my daily devotions. I’ve felt led to utilize these resources to further my study of God and what he expects of me. Several of these books are ones that I’m revisiting a second time or keeping nearby to refer back to. I wanted to share with you five of these books that have been especially meaningful to me. I encourage you to pick up a copy and read them for yourself…
More than a carpenter1. More Than a Carpenter
Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell Updated 2009

Easily the first book I’d recommend to anyone – agnostic, atheist, newly saved, lifelong Christian, pastor – it doesn’t matter who the person is or where they are on their journey of faith (or lack thereof), this is an incredible book to put to rest doubts and questions. Written by a Father-Son team, the McDowells provide an evidence based approach to Christianity unlike any other I have ever encountered. I really appreciate the how well they laid out apologetics. There’s no need to have a huge reading comprehension or be comfortable with hefty theological texts, this is pretty straight forward and incredibly interesting! Answering hard questions, such as Did Jesus really come back to life?, you’ll walk away feeling more solid in your faith and ready to share it with others.

fervent2. Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer
Priscilla Shirer 2015

What’s a list of must-read books on faith without one on the power of prayer? Priscilla Shirer not only walks the reader (geared toward women, but so many great truths for men, too!) through why we must be people of prayer, but why we must be a people of intentional prayer. The book is laid out with the intention of helping you develop a strategy of prayer and immediately put it into action. I appreciated the fact that the message was designed to be tailored to each individual reader and have already begun using the strategy I created while reading the book.

Ordering3. Ordering Your Private World
Gordon MacDonald Updated 2007

You must be prepared to really deal with your inner world (heart, mind, soul, spirit) if you are going to journey through this book. Though, I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who desires to walk closer to the Lord. One of the first books on this list I chose to read, I can definitely say that the principles have stuck with me even a few years later. Gordon MacDonald challenges the reader to take an honest look at what drives him or her and be intentional about prioritizing order within. This exemplary work that will propel you into greater oneness with Christ Jesus by the time the final page closes.

Keep a quiet heart4. Keep a Quiet Heart
Elisabeth Elliot 1995

This book is a compilation of articles and stories from Elisabeth Elliot’s newsletter. Full of encouragement, teaching, and growth, it’s a great addition to morning devotions or as a pick-me-up throughout the day. The entries are short, which makes it the perfect book to have on hand for brief times of waiting or rest. Even a single page can deliver a powerful message that will stick with you the entire day.

Mere-Christianity-Cover5. Mere Christianity (A Revised and Amplified Edtions With a New Introduction of the Three Books Broadcast Talks, Christian Behavio
C.S. Lewis 1952

It would be amiss not to mention a book of such depth and history. C.S. Lewis provides the reader a variety of compelling thoughts for deeper thinking. I appreciated his thorough exploration of morals and Christian living. He never left me feeling like I could only understand one side of the situation, but instead that I grasped all angles. Requiring a little bit more thought and focus than the others on this list, I think this book is an excellent bridge to more mentally challenging works to deepen a person’s faith.


All of these books are ones I’d read again. The principles presented in each are powerful and life changing. I encourage you to go through this short list and read each of these books. Take your time and let the your mind be saturated by the truths within each chapter. These books will challenge you to walk closer to the Lord and deeper your faith. You will uncover elements of yourself that need attention and feel more equipped to share the gospel. It might be painful at first, but “our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)

Incorporate them into your regular devotional time or use them as a reason to start a regular devotional time. Once you’ve finished all five, I’d love to hear what impacted you most and how they challenged you to live differently. You can email me: hannah@hannahbeckmusic.com


  1. Going to read 1-4. Already read Mere Christianity! Excellent read!

    • I hope you enjoy them and that they are as life changing for you as they were for me! :)


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