Behold lyrics

John 1: 29


Behold // The Lamb of Glory // Behold // The Son of Man // Behold // The King of the people, the great I Am // The Father of the people who call themselves His own //  The Leader of many nations; we want to make Him known. // Behold // The Lamb who sits upon the throne // Behold // Glory Unknown // Behold // Immanuel // Behold // Behold // A Savior from above // Behold // Sacrificed out of love // Behold // He will never fail to save us // As children we come before you // We lay our crowns and we adore you // Father, lead us to the place we belong


(Lyrics: Hannah Beck/ Rusty Yanok) (Drums: Travis Laws, All other instruments: Rusty Yanok)  (c) 2012 Hannah Beck Music

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