Hannah Beck

Hannah’s professional singing career began at age 15, when her pastor, recognizing her unique lyrical gift, asked her to sing one original song every Sunday in church. Within months, that same pastor recorded Hannah’s first “live” CD.

At 16, she worked with Rusty Yanok, of RTY Productions, to record the EP, “Pitchers”, and the day it was released, opened for national singers Jonny Diaz and Dara Maclean.

The songwriting continued and so did the singing. The CD “Lost in You” was released at age 17, the same year Hannah performed at the Lifelight Festival in Bethany, Missouri, as well as a growing list of churches and local events.

That June, 2013 release established Hannah as a singer/songwriter desiring to spread the message that there is always hope in life when Jesus is the core of the solution. No situation is too difficult for God to restore.

Fast forward to July, 2015. Hannah is now married, her weekly schedule is filled with churches, women’s conferences, national Christian concerts and more, and on her 20th birthday, she releases the EP, “Written on You”, Hannah’s most personal album yet. “Done With You” is a message to the enemy that its over- no turning back to the old ways of life. “Cracks” sends out a plea to our Heavenly Father “Can you save me?” The answer being, yes. “You Are” is a praise anthem to the God Almighty, a reminder that we are to praise Him even in the difficult times.

Since age 15, Hannah has found herself on the same stage as singers as notable as the Newsboys, Lecrae, Plumb, Newsong, I Am They, Citizen Way, and more. She’s the winner of the 2015 Sonshine (Creation) Festival Music Tournament and she’s performed on large stages and with large crowds.

She’s also found herself in small intimate environments, gatherings of only a few. Her heart and her passion are to be where the message of hope and restoration needs to be heard, where Jesus can be glorified, and where past hurts, and struggles and emotional chains can be released in the name of our Heavenly Father.

Invite Hannah to your next women’s conference, Christmas event, youth conference, or even for a home concert. She is also available to lead worship and can also fill in for an entire length of a sermon if your pastor will be gone for a Sunday. Refer to the list of past events for more ideas, listen to her latest music, and email booking@hannahbeckmusic.com for more information.