Black, White, Salt, and Light Lyrics

Matthew 5:13-16


We wrestle with the future // We wrestle with the past // We wrestle with not knowing who will get the laugh// We stumble when things hard come our way // We claim to have faith but we don’t live it every day // We wonder when our lives will get better than they are // But we never stop to think strength comes when things are hard // We struggle with life’s tests but say we’re fine when people ask // We’re quick to give opinions but we’re slow to take them back // Are we really black and white or has it faded into gray // Are we really salt and light or has it all gone away // Are we only Sunday Christians or do we try in the week // To live like the world or are we His hands and feet // We cower away from opportunities to speak // Yet we wonder why our family isn’t saved and still in need // We sit in the backgrounds of our churches yet we are a thousand miles away because our thoughts have left our heart // We try to understand, other people’s pain // But we can’t grasp our own so our help is in vain

// I wanna be His hands and feet // Be the salt and light and carry Him to the weak // I won’t settle for less // I will only be the best // Because with Him I’m crucified and in Him I’m alive


(Lyrics: Hannah Beck) (Instrumentals: Rusty Yanok, Travis Laws) (c) 2012 Hannah Beck Music

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