Change Devotional: Free Download

Change Devotional: Free Download

Thanksgiving Devotional

I remember writing this devotional back in November 2015 really feeling the word change as what was to come in my own life. I’m not going to lie. Change can be hard. The unknown in and of itself is difficult, yet God still calls us to move. In our lives, seasons come and seasons go. We cannot control the changing of the tide, but we confident as we walk forward knowing God is in control. Here’s an excerpt:

As humans, our nature is to resist change. Even the best of us inwardly struggle to alter what we know and are comfortable with. Fear can so easily set in when we recognize the fact that, alone, we are unable to uncover the great mysteries of who God is and why he allows our boats to be rocked amidst the forming waves. We might attempt to let the current simply take us where it may, but inevitably someone is always driving the ship. Either we are trying to grasp the wheel, we are attempting to allow someone or something else to take that responsibility from us or we are handing the task of navigating the ship to God. The choice is ours.

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