Feature Article in the Religion Section, May 11, Lima News

Feature Article in the Religion Section, May 11, Lima News

Rosanne Bowman recently talked with Hannah Beck about her upcoming album, and goals with her music ministry.

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Posted: Saturday, May 11, 2013 1:00 am

LIMA — Most 17-year-old girls are worried about boys or what college they will attend. Not so for Hannah Beck. Instead, she is preparing for a whirlwind of activity surrounding the upcoming release of her second CD, “Lost in You,” in June.

Not only is Hannah Beck finishing up the recording of her new CD, but she will be singing at the LifeLight Music Festival in Bethany, Mo., as one of five unsigned, independent singers in June and then at Waynestock – Living for the Rock event in St. Marys in August.

Hannah Beck’s mother, Jennifer Keat-Beck said that she always knew her daughter would be musical.

“Her response to music when she was in the womb was amazing,” she said. “She would react in church or to songs on the radio, and I said this girl is going to do something musically.”

Hannah Beck agreed, “I’ve always loved music, and I’ve been singing since I was really little.”

It was not until she was 11, however, that she wrote her first song.

“I fractured my elbow, so I was out of swimming for the year,” said Hannah Beck. “I couldn’t really play the piano that much either because I didn’t have much range of motion. That’s when I wrote my first song. My dad did find a song recently that he thinks I wrote in first or second grade from the handwriting, though.”

Hannah Beck not only sings and is a song writer, but she also plays the piano, flute, violin, trumpet and clarinet.

As a homeschooled student, Hannah Beck felt she had a lot of opportunities to learn and work on her music that a more traditional school schedule would have made difficult.

“I had quite a flexible schedule, and had a lot of open opportunities,” she said. “I was able to play the piano for hours. I was also able to go to sheriff’s conventions with my dad, and talk to adults. I feel I’ve been prepared in a very unique way.”

Hannah Beck will graduate this spring and plans to attend International House of Prayer University in Grandview, Mo., in January, majoring in worship. The school centers on a 24 hour prayer room and involves ministry, prayer and worship. She also wants to continue with her music, wherever God opens doors for her.

Hannah Beck’s first CD, “Pitchers,” was released in 2012. Both “Pitchers” and “Lost in You” were produced by RTY Productions. “Pitchers” contained four original songs that she wrote.

“That CD focused on encouragement for Christians to get out there,” she said. “It’s more about black and white, salt and light. It’s a challenge for Christians to work with their faith.”

“Lost in You,” will feature five original songs by Hannah Beck, but the focus of this new CD is a bit different than her previous one.

“I’m really excited about this one,” said Hannah Beck. “It reaches people where they are at, and I want it to encourage people who are going through emotional things like depression or discouragement.”

Jennifer Keat-Beck describes her daughter’s musical style as a combination of contemporary, Gospel and rhythm and blues.

“Her music really reaches all age demographics from young to older,” she said. “That response leads me to believe that she speaks the words God wants her to.”

Hannah Beck said that her greatest challenge is waiting on God’s direction. “Probably trusting that if this is the direction God wants, He will open the doors,” she said. “It would be easy to find different avenues for my music, but if this is the right thing, then the right opportunity will come along.”

Jennifer Keat-Beck faces different challenges as a mother. “The music industry – both Christian and secular — has a lot of challenges,” she said. “I look at her fan base and who is drawn to her. There is a segment that is more teen idol and that is a challenge for singers to deal with — using their talents the way God has given them. We feel we are following where God is leading though because we have not sought any of this. The doors just keep opening.”

Currently Jennifer Keat-Beck has done the marketing aspect of her daughter’s career, while her father, Dan Beck has handled security, but Jennifer Keat-Beck is anticipating a day when Hannah Beck’s career will outgrow her abilities. However, she trusts that God will lead them to the right people.

In the meantime, Hannah Beck plans to continue singing with the hopes of impacting people. “The most rewarding thing to me is hearing people come back and say they were impacted positively by one of my songs,” she said. “That is why I want to sing — to impact people. I find it a privilege and honor to be able to do that with something I love doing so much.”

Hannah Beck’s first CD, “Pitchers” is available for $10 through amazon.com, iTunes or her website www.hannahbeckmusic.com. Her second CD will be available for purchase in June.

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