I’ll Be Seeing You-Lyrics

I’ll Be Seeing you was written December 11-12, 2012 in memory of Betty Beck who passed from this earth December 10. This song was sang at her funeral.

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Verse 1

This world got a little smaller when it was graced with you

So many people knew your name and were

drawn into

The way you smiled, your eyes sparkled like the


When you spoke it was full of love

Your words went straight to the heart



But you’re not hurting

You’re not fighting with the air

You are breathing

You can run and jump, declare

You are happy in a place where there’s no tears

I’d wish you back but if you came, you’d be

fighting you’d not gain

And though it breaks my heart in two

I want you here, but since you’re there, I’ll be

seeing you

I want you here, but since you’re there, I’ll

always love you


Verse 2

Long ago you had to let them go

The high heeled shoes you loved and wore

Your old car replaced with the best of friends

That old Max he’d be there to the end

Days would come and days would go

You’d sit outside when the sun warmed the




That last night you seemed alright, just a little

out of breath

You squeezed my hand like you always do,

laughed at what I said

Your smiling eyes were full of life

You winked to say goodbye

If I had known that was your last goodbye

I would have stayed

Stayed the night

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  1. love the song!


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