Lost in You Lyrics

Lost in You

To listen to the song: https://soundcloud.com/hannah-beck-music/lost-in-you

Verse 1

I’m drawn to you

You’re the light in the darkness

A place in the storm

My name you’re calling

And I can’t drown you out

You’re everything I’m longing for


I wanna get lost in you

So anyone who finds me first finds you

I wanna be one with you

Where I end you begin and keep on going

I wanna breathe you in

So every time I breathe out, you’re unmistakable

Verse 2

I’m overwhelmed by all you are

Nothing else can satisfy like you

I’m overcome with how you love

How your heart breaks for the lost and confused


You can have my heart, just take this life and use it

You can have my dreams

Take my will, give me yours

You consume my life and mold it

I bow my head, raise my hands

It’s you I’m living for

(C) Unpublished Work  Hannah Beck 2013

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  1. I’ve listened to the song, read the lyrics and also your devotion on Trading Out Independence. All of this not only shows some really great talents and abilities, it shows Jesus so strong and clear and bright in you and your life.
    From Leslie, Michigan



  1. Trading out Indepedence | Hannah Beck - [...] Click here to listen to ‘Lost in You’ and read the lyrics [...]

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