New Books Available Now!

New Books Available Now!

Hannah Beck, released her first, full-length devotional book geared toward 10-14-year-old girls. La Femme: An Exploration of Biblical Womanhood features seventy devotions diving into the lives of the Bible’s most prominent women. Coupling a short portion of Scripture and three compelling questions, Beck presents girls with a daily opportunity to grow in their faith, strengthen their spiritual foundation, and uncover the beauty in Biblical Womanhood.

“I want to give young ladies an opportunity to encounter Biblical Womanhood early. I searched for a long time before I began to discover it and I just wish I would have found it sooner,” Beck shares, recounting the years of searching among popular books on Biblical Womanhood. “I learned about the beauty of womanhood and femininity in the Bible. That’s exactly how I want to present this powerful concept to others.” She goes on to say that her desire is to see young lives directed down a path of fervent worship of Christ and La Femme is a stepping stone to propel young women into the heartfelt discovery of what God has for them.

Written to pair with Daddy Daughter: 10 Date Nights Designed to Teach Biblical Womanhood, Beck presents a full, 10-week program to provide girls with the opportunity to discover the beauty of femininity in a safe, Biblically sound, environment.

La Femme: An Exploration of Biblical Womanhood and Daddy Daughter: 10 Date Nights Designed to Teach Biblical Womanhood are both available for purchase from Amazon (, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Apple iBooks, and more.


La Femme: An Eploration in Biblical Womanhood by Hannah Beck

Step into the world of Proverbs 31:10-31 and some of the Bible’s most prominent women for a 10-week journey in Biblical womanhood. Geared toward young ladies 10-14, but applicable to the lives of all women, “La Femme” challenges the reader to not simply read the Bible, but to participate in trying to understand what it says.

Focusing on one to three verses a day, you’ll find a series of questions designed to deepen faith, solidify basic principles of salvation, and unearth the character traits that comprise a woman after God’s own heart.

Get the most out of this book by pairing it with “Daddy Daughter: 10 Date Nights Designed to Teach Biblical Womanhood” – a pre-planned guide to help Dads usher their daughters down the path of Biblical Womanhood and build a better relationship with them in the process.




Daddy Daughter: 10 Dates Designed to Teach Biblical Womanhood by Hannah Beck

Are you worried about negative influences on your daughter’s idea of self-worth, womanhood, success, and men?

Are you concerned that your relationship with her is waning?
Are you wanting to direct her down a path of Godly womanhood, but just don’t know how?

“Daddy Daughter” is a collection of 10, pre-planned dates designed to teach your daughter the beauty in Biblical Womanhood. Heavily drawing from Proverbs 31:10-31, each date will help you build impacting memories that last on any budget. With hands-on activities, suggested locations, and discussion questions, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to say and where to take the date next.

Including troubleshooting questions to help you get the most out of your dates and two appendixes providing you insight on how to pray for your daughter and future son-in-law.

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