Out of the Way lyrics

This song was originally written for WTLW, TV-44, to encourage them in their mission to reach others for Christ. Working in ministry can be exhausting. May this song boost you to keep striving to be a light for the One True God. Deuteronomy 31:6


You’re tired // You’re worn // You’re running through what feels like a big storm // Some days you don’t feel like getting out of bed // But the Son is shining, calling you instead // Every day you wake up in a world ¬†full of darkness

// You are salt, You are light, pointing people on their way // Sometimes you wake up discouraged // But don’t lose hope¬† // That’s the enemy trying to get you // Get you out of the way // But today is not his day // And tomorrow doesn’t look good either // You’re strongcause He’s holding you // His arms are keeping you going // You may feel lost in the midst of people going nowhere on the wide path // But you’re there to help them get on the right path //

The narrow path is not one often chosen // And many who try simply fall away // All of you have been called so hold onto Him // Don’t let the world drag you back // The grass isn’t greener, that’s a fact


(Lyrics: Hannah Beck) (Piano: Hannah Beck; All other instruments: Rusty Yanok) (c) 2013 Hannah Beck Music

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