There are a lot of things we pursue in this life. Happiness, success, security, a large group of friends. These sound very different, but at the heart of it all, we’re searching for one thing: peace. We might not label our pursuit a ‘peace quest’, but without a doubt it’s the one thing we all long for.

Why? Peace, in it’s essence, is the calm within the storm and as women, we often try everything we possibly can to attain that calm. We try decluttering our homes, cancelling our tuesday spin class, even buying an extra tub of moose tracks because everyone knows ice cream can make it all better, but eventually we find ourselves staring in at the bottom of the tub and there is nothing left.

Jeremiah 26:14 says, “As for me, I am in your power. Do to me what you think is good and right.”

When Jeremiah uttered these words, he was resting his everything in the arms of Jesus Christ. It didn’t matter to him if dinner was on the table yet or if he’d given his hair one last fluff, all that mattered was the God who mercifully called him out of darkness and into the light.

You and I have been called by that very same God and he wants to extend us to very same peace he extended to Jeremiah. All we have to do is ask for it. He’s willing, he’s ready to give and he’s waiting for you to give up your ‘peace quest’ and fall into his arms.

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