Worthy lyrics

Psalm 34


You broke my chains and took them far away / You tore the veil that kept me from this place // You paid the price that was rightfully mine // You gave your life now I give you mine // Even in the darkness you are Sovereign // Even in the valley you are King // Even in the silence you are mighty // Worthy Worthy // Even in the darkness I will praise you // Even in the valley I will sing // Even in the silence I will dance for you // Awed by your majesty //  You made a way for me to follow you // You called my name I owe it all to you // You feed the hungry and care for all my needs // You cause the sun to rise and to you I sing // You are my shepherd the Great I am // You took on nails // So for you I will stand right where I am


(Lyrics: Hannah Beck) (Piano: Hannah Beck, All other instruments: Rusty Yanok) (c) 2013 Hannah Beck Music

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