Written On You Lyrics

I’ll write your story if you get too close

Judge you by what I see the most

I’ll write the pages, define who you are

Based on the failures, based on the scars


I see written on you, the real truth

Of who you are and where you’ve been

They are written on you, clear as day

To the eye that is searching for the scar not the pain


[Written on you]


This pen and page be the shield I choose

If my eyes judge you, I’m not faced with the truth

Of my own scars that I wanna hide

If I distract your gaze, mine won’t meet your eyes


‘Cause they are written on me like a bad tattoo

Of who I am and where I’ve been

The roads I walked the fights I didn’t win

They are written on me, but I hide them away

Distract your gaze with my pen and page


I know pain and I have fears

You’ll see my scars and see my tears

You’ll try to use them, oh it’s a silly game

I do to you what I most hate

I drop a curtain, drop a screen over who I am for fear you’ll see

And call my bluff, point out my scars

Heaven help my fearful, broken, hypocrite heart


But Christ has written on me what I can’t undoe

Who I was and where I’ve been don’t define who I am

He has written on me a brand new name

I am loved and I’m redeemed

This pen and page He’ll take for me


Written on me

Written on you

Written on me

Written on you

Written the truth

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